1,000 Instagram Followers

1000 IG Followers May 1, 2017

After three months, I reached 1,000 followers last Apr 2017 after launching the account last Feb 2017. As of today, I have 1,153 followers. Thank you for the support!

I realized that handling social media takes a whole lot of energy and that is why people hire to focus on account management separately from production. Since Jan 2017, I have been doing the work end-to-end, from design to production and social media reach. I had a challenging time balancing social media with production. It took a lot of my energy to make the Instagram account grow which I know is far from what I want to reach. I just need the therapeutic feeling that crochet brings so I will focus on production for a while.

I want Joie De Vivre, Handmade by Mariel to be about products I truly love, unique from the rest. I started crocheting because it was very therapeutic on top of my toxic work. I want to make pieces, not for the sake of mass production for now. I want to make pieces worth remembering. After months of great toil, I found great joy in giving special pieces to people I love. One day, I want to set this up to earn profit and share some gains for charity.

Since this is not yet my main priority, I will go with the flow with Joie De Vivre, Handmade by Mariel.

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